Review Policy

All of the books I review on this blog are purchased by myself, borrowed from a friend, or received for review.  I do not receive any compensation for my reviews. It is strictly for fun.

***I no longer accept self-published books***

If any authors/publishers wish to send me books for review, I will only accept Young Adult books, preferably fantasy, paranormal, and/or romance (both published and ARCs).  I prefer a physical copy, but I will accept e-books that are compatible with Kindle Fire, as well.  If you have any requests or just want to say "hi," please contact me via e-mail at (I know, so mature - made that address when I was 8). I'm usually very good about responding in a timely manner.  You can expect my reviews to include:
  • Title, author, picture of front cover
  • How I received the book
  • My rating
  • Summary either provided by author or from goodreads
  • My own honest opinion, the good and the bad
Reviews are published on this blog, linked to twitter, and, upon request, I will post my review on Amazon and/or Goodreads.  Keep in mind I am a busy college student, and will do my best to read and review your books within two months after I receive them (though it is not 100% guaranteed). 

I'm also willing to host giveaways and blog tours.

If you are interested in having your book reviewed on this blog, please send me the following information:

  • Title, author, and publisher of the book
  • If possible, a picture of the front book cover
  • Release date
  • Summary
Thank you

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