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Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson

Title: Warbreaker (Warbreaker #1)
Author: Brandon Sanderson
Released in 2009
Borrowed from Library
Rating: 4/5


Sisters Vivenna and Siri are princesses of Idris. Susebron is the God King one must marry. Lightsong is the reluctant minor god of bravery. Vasher is an immortal still trying to undo mistakes of centuries before. Magic from individual breath from everyday objects can perform all manner of miracles and mischief (Summary from Goodreads).


When one reads a Sanderson novel, time must be taken to savor all the details.  Sanderson is known for creating awesome magic systems that actually seem legit.  He has a gift for creating thorough, intricate magic systems that have laws and limitations, just like the laws of science we know and study.

It often takes me a while to read his novels, not only because of the length, but also because they really make you think as you try to understand the magic system and the characters.  His novels tend to be rather slow, then the last 10% or so ramps up the speed, and all epicness occurs.  That is the part when your mind is BLOWN.  Also, just know that no character is safe.  In both this book and the Mistborn series, your heart is crushed as major characters die.  It was not too bad in this one, though.

The rest of this review may contain spoilers, since the summary provided by Goodreads doesn't tell you much about the book. They won't be huge spoilers, though.

I think the best way to review this is to go character by character:

Siri - The youngest daughter of the Idrian King, Siri begins the story enjoying her unimportance as the last in line for the throne.  When her father decides to send her to marry the God King instead of her eldest sister, Vivenna, she is forced to give up her luxury of being unimportant.  I thought Siri was an okay character.  She is only seventeen and rather immature compared to her older siblings.  Although Siri is a good person, her naivete can be somewhat annoying (it is supposed to), but as she learns the secrets of the God King and gets accustomed to her life the God King's court, she becomes more confident and likable as a character.

Vivenna - I also did not care much for Vivenna for about half of the novel.  As the eldest Princess, she was destined to marry the God King, and had prepared her entire life for it.  She follows her austere Idrian values the best she can, and holds prejudices against the Hallandren religion.  But when her sister is sent to marry the God King, Vivenna decides to rescue her.  As she experiences Hallandren life and is but in difficult situations, she begins to question her ability to follow her religion.  Vivenna becomes one of the most exciting character views during the second half of the novel!  And it was interesting seeing her character development.

Susebron - I won't talk about Susebron because I don't want to majorly spoil anything for ya'll.

Lightsong - He is my FAVE!! Lightsong's witty dialogue and self-deprecating humor was so funny!! I looked forward to his POVs the most!! Lightsong is a Returned, revered as one of the gods.  Except he does not believe he really is a god, and tries to stay out of the other gods/goddesses' politics. Seriously, he will become your fave.

Vasher - He is the character that has the greatest mystery surrounding him from chapter one.  With his magical sword that has a mind of its own, Nightblood, Vasher is a badass looking to make amends for his distant past.

Throughout most of the novel, you are wondering how all these characters connect together, and when it finally happens it is glorious!  I find Sanderson is great at completely unexpected plot twists.  It is only after the plot twist that you think back to the small pieces of foreshadowing.  The reason I did not give 5 stars was because I find it hard to connect emotionally with his characters.  This has been my experience with his other books, as well. If you enjoy high fantasy, I highly recommend trying out one of Sanderson's books.  They will leave you mentally tired after such thorough storytelling.

Oh, one more thing.  This is most definitely a spoiler!!

I was dying when we found out Lightsong was a freaking accountant before he was Returned.  No wonder he had such amazing self-deprecating humor!! You have no idea how excited I was XD

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