Sunday, January 29, 2017

My Lazy Sunday Essentials

Hello readers!  I was contacted by a representative from Leesa, a mattress company, to share with you all my idea of a perfect lazy day indoors (I received nothing in exchange for this). Since I am the epitome of lazy on Sundays, I thought this would be a fun little activity to post today!

Seeing as this is a reading blog, my idea of a perfect lazy day would most definitely include a good book!  During the semester, I definitely should not be as lazy as I am on Sundays.  Part of me always feel a little guilty for "wasting" a day away, but I try to justify it by reminding myself that I deserve it, what with all the hard work I put into college (sure Maria, sure).  Christmas break? It's a whole other story! I am fortunate to be able to work a seasonal job in the summer and live off it for the rest of the year, so basically every day of Christmas break is my idea of a perfect lazy Sunday.  I am a hermit during break, and the perfect lazy day means staying in comfy pj's all day.

Everyone has that favorite reading spot(s), and mine are on the living room couch and my bed, where I can enjoy my comfy mattress.  I like to use one of those cool reading pillows to support my back when I'm reading a physical book.  If I'm reading on my kindle, it's the perfect opportunity to cuddle on my side.  Kindles are great when it's really cold in the house and you want to keep one hand under the blanket.  Speaking of blankets, I love using a blanket my grandma knit for me for my high school graduation a few years ago - it's super soft, and handmade gifts are always extra special.

The perfect lazy Sunday also mean snacks! My go-to snack is usually Tostitos.  If you live in the Northeast and have a Wegmans near you, then you know how addicting their soft chocolate chip cookies are.  If those are in the house when I'm home having a lazy day, you better believe they aren't lasting the whole day.

But nothing makes a perfect reading Sunday like having a warm fur baby be lazy with you.  I think the reading vibes create a super relaxing atmosphere for our pets, and they love to be in the midst of it - my Maximillian certainly enjoys it!

What is your perfect lazy day like? Feel free to comment!

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