Saturday, December 31, 2016

Library Savings 2016

Back in May, I decided to get a library card to save money.  Previously, I had bought almost all of my books from my Kindle, and I had preconceived notions about libraries based on zero evidence that kept me from going to libraries.  I either thought the library wouldn't have the books I wanted, or I thought I would have to spend a lot of time looking through all the books to find the one I was looking for.  But the costs were adding up, and I thought it was wasteful to buy a book only to read it once.

When I finally got a library card, however, I discovered that the libraries in my region (Western New York) were part of an interconnected system.  I could sign in online, look up a book in their database, and see which libraries had it (this was a very exciting discovery for me).  I can put a book on hold, or even ask for a book to be sent to my closest library.  I typically do not do the latter, because there are literally 5 libraries within a 20 minute drive from my house!

It was beautiful.  I could finally utilize my growing collection of magnetic bookmarks on hardcover books more than ever before.  Perhaps the best part of getting a library card is that I get to read said hardcover books for FREE! This is obvious, I know, but an exciting revelation for me, nonetheless. Whenever I'm dying to read a specific book, at least one of the libraries has what I need, even newly released books. I would say the ONLY downside is that sometimes the book I want is checked out by someone else, but that's not that big of a deal because I usually just read a different book instead.

So, this may be the accounting student in me, but I kept track of the amounts I would have spent had I not checked each book out of the library since I got my library card in May.  See below for my glorious savings:
Book TitleSourceAmount Saved
Anna and the French KissKindle$9.99
Six of Crows*Amazon - Hardcover12.31
Ready Player OneKindle9.99
Shadow and BoneKindle7.80
The Night CircusKindle9.99
Crooked KingdomKindle9.99
An Ember in the AshesKindle9.99
Lola and the Boy Next DoorKindle9.99
Red RisingKindle5.99
A Torch Against the NightKindle10.99
Golden SonKindle9.99
Total Saved$107.02
* Note that the hardcover version was the only one available on Amazon for Six of Crows at the time

I think I will make it a new tradition: At the end of each year I will calculate how much I saved by borrowing books rather than buying.  I hope this will compel some of you to check out your nearby library and see what resources they offer and save money (unless you're a bibliophile - then there's no hope for you ­čśë).  Happy New Year, readers!

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