Tuesday, October 11, 2016

3 Tips for Getting Out of a Reading Slump!

Hello readers!! I can't believe it's been THREE months since I last posted anything on this blog.  I have only one thing to blame...the dreadful, evil, reading slump!  How do these reading slumps occur? I can't speak for everyone, but I tend to get in a slump because of one or more of the following reasons:

  • I'm too tired after work - This was definitely the big reason during the summer. I was working two jobs, and all I wanted to do after work is sit down, do nothing, and straight chill.
  • Bad books - Although I felt my slump coming on before reading one particularly bad book, this definitely contributed to my slump lasting as long as it did.
  • Reading burnout - What is a 'reading burnout,' you ask? Well, it means I read so many good books in such a short period of time that I simply "burned out." May was an awesome month for me, having read 6 books in 2.5 weeks!  However, reading so many books can be tiring, especially when you are attached to the characters and don't want the book to end!
  • Other hobbies are calling - This is another big reason why I fall into reading slumps.  Sometimes I just get that itch to get addicted to a video game, learn a new song on the piano, or simply binge-watch a TV series.  I'm a person that does what I want, and when I get that itch to pursue another hobby I follow it.
While the terrible reading slump has haunted me for the last three months, I feel a change on the horizon! I went to the library to drop off a book (two weeks late, I might add) that I couldn't finish, and picked up a new one.  I have a feeling this book will pull me through the slump and back into the beautiful world of books.

Below are my tips for getting out of the dreaded reading slump!

1. Have a ton of work to do.

This definitely does not make sense at first, but hear me out.  For me, the more work I have to do, the more I want to procrastinate! It thus follows that I get that itch for reading and escaping all the stress.  That is exactly what is happening now as I enter into the mid-point of the school semester.

2. Read a book that you're excited about.

The book that is getting me out of said slump is Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo.  This book is a sequel to my beloved Six of Crows.  Since I absolutely loved that book and its characters, I have been looking forward to reading Crooked Kingdom.  Getting back into the interesting world and laughing at the banter between the characters is a recipe for the cure to the reading slump.

3. Read because you want to, not because you feel you have to.

One of the struggles of owning a book blog is that you tend to feel like you have to be posting reviews every week or so.  Even though I own this blog for fun, it still gives me a guilty tug when I haven't posted a review in a while. A lot of people, myself included, challenge themselves to read a certain number of books in a year. I knew that it would take time to get out of the slump, but forcing myself to read (especially a book that I am not enjoying) just makes the slump last longer.

Well, these tips are helping me get out of my reading slump.  I hope they help you, too! Feel free to comment what factors put you in a reading slump, and how you get out of it!

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