Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"Waiting on" Wednesday (6): The Starriest Summer by Adelle Yeung

"Waiting on" Wednesday is posted every other week to spotlight my most anticipated books

Title: The Starriest Summer (The Cycle of the Six Moons #1)
Author: Adelle Yeung
Released December 20, 2015


Fifteen-year-old Michelle saves the world on a daily basis…with her trusty video game controller, of course! Naturally, she jumps at the chance to play an experimental virtual reality game.

The beautiful fantasy world of Starrs? Check. The power to mold matter? Check. No reset button? Wait, she didn’t sign up for this!

Turns out Starrs is really real, and to make matters worse, Michelle’s interference awakens the Cycle of the Six Moons, a series of devastating trials that will devour the universe.

Fighting the apocalypse was way easier when danger stayed on the other side of the screen, but Michelle finds a secret weapon in her new-found powers. She uses them to rescue the crown prince of a powerful magic kingdom from their sworn enemies, a technologically-advanced cult that strives to eradicate magical blood.

Michelle starts to fall for Prince Jayse, the only one who believes Michelle to be a savior rather than a curse. But not even video games could prepare her for what the cult has in store for them…(Summary from Goodreads)

Why I'm So Excited

First of all, look at how freakin cute that cover is!! Second, read that summary!!! It seems like it will be a very unique story.  How cool, a character that gets stuck in a video game and a female character that rescues the crown prince.

This is the debut novel for this author.  I can't remember where I saw this book, but I think it was on one of the book tour websites.  As soon as I read that synopsis, I added to my TBR.  It's risky to read from an unknown author, but I'm excited nonetheless.


  1. Hi Maria! :D Thanks so much for blogging about my book! <3 I've just ordered the paperbacks, so I hope to send you your reserved signed copy soon :)

    Also you love tea and cats omg you're awesome

    1. Hi Adelle! Thank you soooo much for stopping by my blog! As you can tell, I'm really excited about your book, and I can't wait to read it!! :D


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