Thursday, October 1, 2015

October TBR

Hey guys! Fall is finally here!! Cool weather motivates me to read more for some reason...must be the cozy atmosphere.  Anyway, I was able to get through the two books I planned to read last month:

In an effort to get into the Halloween spirit, I tried to pick out books from my TBR that remind me of Halloween, whether it's from the cover or the synopsis of the book.  I'm starting a couple series, which I may regret because it makes me feel stressed when I have book series to finish!

1. The Rithmatist (The Rithmatist #1) by Brandon Sanderson - My little cousin first recommended this to me.  That's how I first checked out Brandon Sanderson's books and the Mistborn series.  It looks like The Rithmatist is geared toward YA which is (obviously) more my genre than Mistborn. The next book won't come out for another couple years, but that's probably a good thing so I don't feel pressured to read the next one when I have lots of other books on my TBR!  Doesn't really relate to Halloween at all but it "spoke" to me when I was choosing TBR for this month.

2. The Archived (The Archived #1) by Victoria Schwab - I've been meaning to read one of her books for awhile now!  I chose it for this month because the cover looks kind of spooky to me, and I saw the words "dead people" in the synopsis.  I've heard good things about this author from the BookTube world. Looking forward to diving into this one!

3. I Was a Teenage Ghost Hunter by Brian K. Henry - This author followed me on Twitter, so I checked out his book.  It has good reviews and the writing is supposed to be funny.  Plus, nothing screams Halloween to me more than the word "ghost" being in the title.  

What I got in my OwlCrate box in September:

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