Saturday, September 12, 2015

Invaluable Dream Literary Collection

Hey readers!  I'm doing a different sort of post today!  I was graciously contacted by a representative from, an auction website that has all sorts of antiques, to pick out some of the classic books from the website that I would love to have in my dream literary collection, as well as books they don't have listed that I would like to see listed their website. How cool!

Honestly, I'd be happy to have any first edition book in my possession, but I kept this list short by picking out books that stuck out to me for one reason or another.  Here are some books up for auction that I would like to have in my dream literary collection, in no particular order:

1Lot 2546: 1st Edition Bambi by Felix Salton 1928

One of my favorite movies as a kid was Disney's Bambi, despite the inevitable tears shed each time I watched it.  I had absolutely no idea that it was based off a book until I browsed through's book collection! I'm very curious to know how different the book is from the movie.

2. Lot 8301: Ernest Hemingway For Whom the Bell Tolls 1940 First Printing Spanish Civil War Novel American Literary Classic

Obviously, I've heard of Ernest Hemingway, but I've never read one of his books.  As a cat lover, I have a fondness for Ernest Hemingway because he was known to allow cats to live on his property in Key West (his home is now a museum with cats everywhere ~heaven~).  With my strange line of thinking, I feel compelled to pick up one of his books. Not just because he liked cats, though, but because he experienced many hardships in life and I'd like to know how he portrays that in his writing.

3. Lot 351: J.K. Rowling Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Harry Potter.  'nuff said.  No, but seriously Harry Potter changed my life and strongly influenced my love for reading.  I still remember when I borrowed the first book from my brother and started reading it simply because I was bored one summer night after 7th grade.  I instantly fell in love with J.K. Rowling's awesome world and sped through the rest of the books within the same month.  I miss experiencing those books for the first time.  It would be so cool to own the first printing, first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

4. Lot 780: 1st Edition 1909 Book The Road to Oz Frank Baum

I learned another new thing from browsing Invaluable's book collection.  Apparently there were other books continuing Dorothy's story in The Wizard of Oz.  This is actually the 5th Oz book, according to Goodreads.  To be honest, the movie kinda annoys me since I've seen it so many times, but I'd like to read the book because I've heard it's scarier.  I feel drawn to read these books, probably because they're considered "classics."

The one book I would like to see is:

5. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

I read the book a few years ago and I've probably watched the movie with Keira Knightly around 15 times (makes me swoon every time).  This was one of the first "classics" I read on my own (not forced in school), and I loved it! Makes me want to reread it just thinking about it.

There are countless books that I would love to own old copies of, but alas, my budget and resources cannot allow it.  However, I'd like to thank for inviting me to participate in this! It was lots of fun to browse through the old books and other items on the website, and I even learned some new things along the way.

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